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2nd Period Floral Design

Plant Pathology 

Visit this website to help fill in your notes sheet. Click on the book and read through each lesson. 

Plant Pathology
Watch this Four Weddings episode.  Answer the questions out loud as a class. 

Principles of Design- non floral example
Floral Shop Project: 3rd Six Weeks 
You will have class time in the computer to create your own floral business. The direction sheet gives you all of the instructions that you need. Be mindful that you have parts of the project due at the end of each class. Be CREATIVE! Have FUN! 

Types of Flowers Project: 2nd six weeks
Directions: Use Microsoft Publisher to create a flyer to showcase the four different types of flowers.  Do not use foliage. You should list the four types of flowers, give two examples of each and include a picture of each example flower.  Do not use any examples from your notes.  You will need to research to find other flowers of each type.  Be sure to include your name and a title on the flyer. 
  • Save the flyer as “YOUR NAME-types of flowers” and upload to  The password is tx0161. If it asks you for a username, you are not on the right site.  Check to see if you typed the address correctly.  Your name must be included in the file name!

Principles of Design Project: 1st six weeks


Using any/all of the following websites (or google principles of floral design) to create a power point presentation covering the 7 Principles of Design that we covered in class (balance, proportion, dominance, contrast, rhythm, harmony, and unity). 

WEDDING PROJECT- 6th Six Weeks Project
Use the documents at the bottom of this page to help plan your wedding and complete your project. If you don't wish to create the traditional scrapbook, here are some sites you could use instead: Mixbook Shutterfly Prezi



Budget Worksheet Chelsea Fewell 4/30/2013 63 KB
Floral Shop Project Chelsea Fewell 1/12/2015 309 KB
Business Plan (Optional) Chelsea Fewell 1/16/2015 13 KB
Tool ID Chelsea Fewell 1/16/2015 1217 KB
Line & Mass PowerPoint Chelsea Fewell 3/18/2015 1853 KB
Form & Filler PowerPoint Chelsea Fewell 3/24/2015 1511 KB
small round arrangement Chelsea Fewell 12/17/2019 680 KB



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