China Spring FFA
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Small Animal Mgmt

Semester Outline (may change)

1st Six Weeks

Getting to know you

Opportunities in FFA

Supervised Agricultural Experience

SAE Recordkeeping

Pet care industry & careers

Safety issues with pets

2nd Six Weeks

History of domestication

Animals in society- current issues

Animals in society- current issues

Animal rights & welfare

Animal rights & welfare

Heart dissection

3rd Six Weeks

Responsibilities of pet ownership & treating injuries

Therapeutic pets

Small animal feed nutrition

Classifying dogs

Caring for dogs

Training dogs


3rd Six Weeks

Classifying cats

Caring for cats

Training cats

Classifying rabbits

Caring for rabbits

Classifying & caring for birds

4th Six Weeks



Skills-  Collecting urine samples through natural means

Skills-  Demonstrating proper procedure for autoclaving a pack

Skills-  Preparing a small or large animal surgical pack

Skills- Reading a digital radiograph

6th Six Weeks

Grooming animals- tools

Grooming animals-  coat & nails

Grooming animals- bathing & ear care

Identifying gerbils, hamsters & guinea pigs

Caring for rodents

Classifying & caring for fish

April 29, 2015
Use these links to help answer the questions on your "So you want a dog" worksheet.

Part I Matching Game

Part II AKC Recognized breeds

Part III Animal Planet Breed Directory

Part VI Pet Finder

February 26, 2015
anatomy part one video
February 3-6, 2015
Skeletal Systems.  Download the slideshow at the bottom of this page and follow along to fill in your notes.  Use your notes to answer the questions on the worksheet Thursday and the topic test Friday.

October 6-7, 2014 
Domestication of dogs (computer lab days)
Watch the videos HERE.   Once you click the link, click "Sample Section" and let it load.  Plug in your headphones fill in your notes sheet as you go along, adding extra information as necessary. Pause as needed.

Download the PowerPoint "Animal Rights vs. Animal Welfare" at the bottom of this page.  Fill in your note guide as you go.  Do NOT turn in either paper to the substitute.  Keep it all to be turned in WEDNESDAY.

Information about obtaining your Veterinary Science Assistant Certificate can be found HERE. You can also download the packet at the bottom of this page. 


Animal Rights vs Animal Welfare Chelsea Fewell 10/2/2014 922 KB
CVA Checklist Chelsea Fewell 11/21/2013 1738 KB
CVA policies & guidelines Chelsea Fewell 11/21/2013 188 KB
CVA information packet Chelsea Fewell 11/21/2013 168 KB
Canine Project Chelsea Fewell 5/21/2014 36 KB
Skeletal Systems Chelsea Fewell 2/2/2015 1993 KB



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