China Spring FFA
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Livestock Show Team

The Following items are always in need at the barn if you have that you would like to donate.

What we need:

1. Brooms
2. Pressure Washers
3. hoses and spray nozzles
4. shovels and Rakes
5. Something to kill spiders
6. weed eaters 
7. Push Mowers
8. Wheel barrels 
9. Large trash bags
10. Bleach 
11. Tractors
12. Tree trimmers  
13. Sprayers

-Remember we are all working together for the betterment of our facility for all our students. We are not just there to work on your one particular area.

NEED HELP FINDING A LIVESTOCK PROJECT? If you answered yes then print the document at the bottom of the page, read it, fill it out, set a meeting with an Advisor and turn it in. 







Local Livestock Help Johnnie Day 4/24/2020 52 KB
Show Lamb Guide Johnnie Day 4/21/2020 272 KB
Show Goat Guide Johnnie Day 4/21/2020 177 KB
Show Pig Guide Johnnie Day 4/21/2020 90 KB
Barn Contract Chelsea Fewell 8/11/2020 136 KB



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