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Mrs. Fewell

Tuesday 10/13 Principles of Ag & Ag Practicum Class Assignment Temple Grandin TED Talk
Tuesday 10/13 Floral Design Class Assignment Dirty Jobs- Cranberry Farmer
 Friday, 10/9 Principles of Ag & Ag Practicum Class Assignment Dirty Jobs Fish Squeezer
Friday, 10/9 Floral Design Class Assignment Principles of Design
Tuesday, 10/6 Class Assignment Animal Cops- Triumph over Adversity
Monday, 11/16 Amberly Snyder video with questions

2015-2016 Dates to remember:
AET Recordbook Check (TEST GRADE)       
September 25                  November 6              January 8
February 19                   April 8                May 27 

About Mrs. Fewell:
This is my ninth year teaching ag and 5th year in China Spring. My favorite part about teaching is unlocking the potential and finding an avenue for each student's interests and strengths through agricultural education and the FFA. Within the ag department, I supervise rabbit, poultry and cattle SAE projects and train the Public Relations, Ag Issues and Radio Broadcasting teams in the fall and the Senior Prepared Public Speaking, Farm Business Management, Milk Quality, Food Science, Veterinary Science, Nursery/Landscape and Marketing Plan teams in the spring. I am married to Stephen Fewell, a former U.S. Marine and current Texas History teacher in Waco ISD. We both graduated from Texas A&M (whoop!) and live in China Spring with our two dogs.
Born: Bryan, Texas
High School: A&M Consolidated HS- College Station, TX
Highest Office held: Chapter President
Highest Degree Earned: American FFA Degree 
College: Texas A&M '08 WHOOP!


Fish Squeezer worksheet CHELSEA FEWELL 10/14/2015 141 KB



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